The kitchen of the family Staccoli at the Centopini

The kitchen is the pride of the family Aldebaran, who personally take care of the dishes and put on the table all the taste and tradition of the Romagna region.

Every day a choice of two menus with home-made pasta, fresh fish, tasty meats, such as rabbit in porchetta and the roast mixed, two of the seconds very popular with the guests, piada, homemade sweets, and at breakfast cakes and pastries prepared also from mamma Staccoli", mrs. Maria Grazia.

The kitchen sports at the Hotel Centopini

Special care to the cuisine for sports enthusiasts the Hotel Centopini, with a healthy, authentic and energy. To meet the needs of athletes, from the breakfast to the lunches, snacks and morsels after training have flexible hours.

Typical products and local wine

The hinterland is rich of wine cellars, oil mills and mills to visit all year round, where you can discover the flavours of this land and to purchase local products such as doc wines of the hills of Romagna. Two are the wines of romagna most widely distributed in the national territory, coming from the grape varieties Sangiovese and Trebbiano, the other three (Albana, Pagadebit and Cagnina) are peculiar to the territory of the Province of Forlì-Cesena. To buy in the numerous wineries and vineyards, such as those associated with the Road of Wines and Flavours, and are open to the tourists with delicious tastings on the occasion of the national event ' open Cellars in Romagna, held in the month of may.

The oil

Olive oil of superior quality, from the renowned organoleptic properties, is produced by the olive groves of the hills of the Provinces of Forlì-Cesena and Rimini. Recently it has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin (D. O. P.) the Hills of Romagna. On the Hills of Forlì and Cesena, the territory between Roncofreddo, Montiano, Longiano and Borghi, is the one that ensures a consistent production of excellent quality; ideal areas are also the hills of Modigliana and Forlì, Forlimpopoli, Bertinoro, Cesena and Savignano. From the purchase in the farms and agriturismi of the area, such as those associated with the Road of Wines and Flavours.

The Flour

Of the many mills scattered around the hinterland of romagna, many of which are in disuse, a few still continue their activities and produce organic flour of wheat and cereals. Still today you can buy organic flour at the mill Sbrulein The valley of the Reserve in the territory of the Onferno near the Park of the Caves.
For information:
Ceccaroli Cleto Via Prov.the Onferno, 103. GEMMANO Tel 0541 984153

Mill Red

Worth a visit, always in the Municipality of Gemmano also the Mill Red. It is located about 2 Km from Gemmano in the village of Zollara; the building complex, including the mill and house, was built in 1929 by the Fam. Red and is still their property. It is a stone mill, low-grinding electrically powered, which produce natural flour rich in fiber.

For information: The Rossi Family Teodoro Via G. Verdi, 33. GEMMANO Tel. 0541 854009