Gemmano, history and culture

Legend has it that the name Gemmano comes from the Gem in hand. It is said that a soldier from the etruscan to have been killed by the romans while he was carrying a ring to the girlfriend. So the origins of the name may derive from the roman period. On the slopes of the hill are the ruins of the romanesque architecture is still not brought to light.

History of Gemmano

From artifacts and documents show that the place since then has been identified as a gemmano treasure. Subsequently, the town belonged to the Malatesta, and then to the Papal State until the unification of Italy. On the three hills that dominate the municipal area were built the castles of Onferno, Marazzano, Gemmano, of which still today exist the remains, in part, restored.
Legend has it that Dante Alighieri, after having stopped by the count Ugolino della Faggiola while fleeing from Florence to go to Ravenna, and, descending the valley of the Conca, we both took refuge in the caves of Onferno (originally called Hell), and at the same you will be inspired to write the song.

Art, nature, traditions and sports

Gemmano, in the heart of Valconca valley, boasts a rich natural and cultural heritage of great beauty and value, ideal for those who want to do walks, bike rides or walk in an atmosphere of total peace and quiet. The Onferno caves, the Ventena valley, ravines, and the paths that touch the rural villages, the views make it a must-see destination for those who want to know a isolated part of the hills where it seems that time has stopped. A true treasure for lovers of unspoilt nature, peace and tranquility.
The territory is surrounded by the Onferno Caves, the only natural Valconca, a place of ancient legends, like the one that Dante took inspiration in these caves for the Divine Comedy.

The caves of Onferno

The caves are a unique heritage of the Rimini area, of national importance. Its burrows have been originated from a stream which has dug away in the course of millennia, the mass of chalk on which stood the Castrum Inferi. The caves, which you can visit throughout the year, are strongly suggestive and interesting from the point of view of speleological and faunistic. This area became in 1992 the oriented natural Reserve: 123 hectares of unique flora and fauna, which houses a very interesting natural museum, open even in winter. The new exhibition, through multimedia systems and interactive, to highlight the special features of this area, between history and environment, creating the ideal space to introduce visitors to nature. Strong emphasis is given to the knowledge of the bats that populate the caves, clearing superstitions, to create a new collective consciousness about these miracles of evolution.

Tourist Info, and contacts

The valley of the river Ventena is beautiful and is without doubt one of the most interesting natural spots in the province of Rimini, the ideal place for walks, pleasant bike rides and horse rides.
If you want to practise other sports in the company of your family or your friends, a short distance from Gemmano there is a horse riding centre and a brand new golf course, open all year round for beginners and professionals.

The Oriented Natural Reserve of Onferno is one of the most interessenti of the hinterland of romagna. The charming village of Onferno is located on the plaster that emerges from the ground and peeps out between the hills. It seems that the name of the caves present on the territory derives from the ancient belief according to which the tunnels natural to bring her in just to hell. He was the Bishop of Rimini, who, in 1800, changed its name to the current one. What to visit inside the reserve? At the visitor Centre of the Reserve you can visit the Naturalistic Museum and the Environmental Education Centre of Cà Plasters ideal for children to whom they are dedicated many paths and didactic laboratories. Also interesting is a visit to the brand new Multimedia Museum.

Via Castello, 89. GEMMANO phone 0541 984694

Open all year, the centre organises horse riding classes (for children from 4 years on) aimed at beginners and competitive level for jumping. In the summer the centre is open throughout the day, while in winter only in the afternoon from 14:00 to 19:00. Courses of hippotherapy agreement with the Municipality of Riccione.

Riding Equestrian Center Marignanese:
via the Empire no.417 S. Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
Tel. 0541/955067 - Cell.338/2723358 (Stefano Pats)

Just 3 km from the sea, a totally new, immersed in the green, complete with a spa, gym, massage area and relaxation area, surrounded by greenery.
In the hinterland, between Riccione and San Giovanni in Marignano golf lovers will find an 18-hole golf course (which stretches on the right bank of the river Conca, an area of great environmental beauty), 9 of them + 2 have already been realized with the longest Par 5 in Italy: measuring 590 yards from the back tees.
The property also offers football and tennis are natural grass, indoor pool with hydro massage and outdoor pool (80 meters), practice range with 12 uncovered and 6 covered and heated pools, 27-hole putting green, pitching green, bar, fitness and wellness center, pro shop and children's corner.
via conca nuova, 1236 San Giovanni in Marignano 47842 RN
GPS: 43° 56' 57" North 12° 41' 28" East

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